Credit Repair Leads

Receive leads for individuals looking to have negative items removed from their credit scores.

Credit Repair

New Credit Repair Leads, Exclusively For You

Seek Financial generates credit repair leads in real-time. This means you’re getting fresh leads that are sold exclusively to you. No wholesaler leads or names are simply taken from a contact form. These leads are carefully vetted and hand-picked so they are of the highest quality possible.

We work around the clock to generate leads for our advertising partners, and we can confidently say that our process is a step ahead of our competitors.

Millions Are Searching For Credit Repair Services

The credit card debt in the United States has topped $850 million, and many people are struggling to repay what they owe. This means millions of people are actively looking for credit repair services. Unfortunately, many of these people aren't open and honest about their quest for help.

Our network of affiliates is aptly suited for finding these people and handing them over to you. You work hard to help people repair their credit, and we'll work just as hard at getting them to you.

Your Future Clients Are Online

Last year, 45% of consumers found their credit repair company online. And 55% of online search clients spend over $500 compared to 48% coming from referrals. This shows that credit repair companies need to have a competitive online marketing strategy. Seek Financial can send you high-converting credit repair leads around the clock.

We recruit the world's best publishers into our network, and our affiliates are uniquely able to find those looking for credit repair services. If you're looking to grow your business with round-the-clock traffic that converts, join our network and let our partnerships work for you.

Couple stands in front of their new house after having their credit repaired.